Jan Voeten


This year's Tailwheel Meet is an anniversary edition.
For many years, even before we baptized this event the Tailwheel Meet, Jan Voeten (1953) and his friends were present at our annual gatherings at Overboelare airfield.
That is why we asked Jan to assume this year's patronship and fortunately he accepted.
Jan grew up next to Seppe airfield (The Netherlands) and as a youngster he was already fascinated in the Tiger Moths flying by towing publicity banners.
At the age of 17 he became a member of the Seppe Flying club.
In his early days he tried to earn a ride in a plane by helping out in the clubhouse, washing planes and so on.
This is how his flying career started.
7 hours and 25 minutes after his first flying lesson he made his first solo flight and somewhere in 1977 he earned his PPL-I license.
Some years after making frequently use of his precious license, he started to get interested in historical aviation.
In 1989 he bought a Tipsy Nipper (OO-EFA) and on the 20th of March 1990 he started the Flying Museum Seppe together with 2 of his flying-friends. Because "tail dragging" is part of historical aviation they immediately bought the PH-VCY, the only airworthy Piper Cub available in Holland at that time. This purchase was soon followed by the acquisition of a Tiger Moth (1939) G-AJHS.
The past 20 years, Jan and his friends have spend a lot of time in formation flight training and the aircraft collection was recently expanded with two more Tiger Moths.
A new challenge for the future was born: having an own formation team.
In the years to come, the Tiger Formation will represent the Flying Museum Seppe at national and international fly-ins, air shows etc.
Two weeks after our Tailwheel Meet, the Flying Museum Seppe will celebrate its 20th anniversary.
Our flying friends from Seppe will participate at the Tailwheel Meet to celebrate, together with all other tail dragging fanatics, the 5th anniversary of this event.