Kurt 'Kukke' Plyson

Kurt 'Kukke' Plyson was bitten by the aviation microbe way back in 1986 when he visited the Koksijde airshow for the first time. From then on things went fast.  In the early 90’s he joined the Belgian Airforce for a ‘non-pilot’ job. His passion for aviation was further nourished as he got involved in the organization of the 15th Wing open door and…. the last Koksijde Airshow where a few years before everything started for him. Since 3 years now Kurt is part of the Belgian Airforce IPR team where he’s fully occupied promoting (military) aviation to motivated youngsters. 

Long before our Tailwheel Meet started, Kurt was already the PR-man for the Flying Legends Team based at Wevelgem airport for many years.  This team, operating an international collection of WW2 aircraft, was a regular visitor during the annual open-door weekend at Overboelare airfield. The idea of a taildragger only fly-in started there.

Kurt was also one of the leading forces behind the B67 workgroup that was formed to organize a commemoration weekend at Ursel due to  65 years of liberation. In the mean time he became honorary member of the British 609 Sqn. At the same time Kurt blew life into Ursel Avia, a splendid aviation weekend where every year a line-up of iconic aircraft is demonstrated to thousands of enthusiastic visitors. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why we wanted to put Kurt in the spotlight by offering him the patronship of Tailwheel Meet 2018…and we are proud he accepted.

Keep up the good work Kukke!