2022 - Tailwheel Meet - last edition @EBGG

Dear all,
After 16 years of succesful partnership, Tailwheel Meet® and Vlaams Zweefvliegcentrum Phoenix (VZP) decided to part ways.
VZP will continue its open door weekend with corresponding fly-in.
We at Tailwheel Meet® we will continue to organize our fly-in, exclusively for taildraggers, at other airfields. At this very moment we are in the process of rejuvenating the Tailwheel Meet concept and will communicate to you all in a very short notice via our regular channels.
In the mean time we would like to present to you the members of the Tailwheel Meet® 2.0 organization team:
Bjorn Moerman (OO-CUB@EBMO), Stefan De Sutter (OO-NET@EBUL),
Steven De Cuyper (OO-SDC@EBKT) and Kris De Schryver (OO-MNM@EBGG).
We hope to see you soon and watch our communication channels for further info.
Happy landings,
TWM Team