2021 - Tailwheel Meet celebrating 15th edition after all...?

This beautiful picture taken by our resident photographer Luc Barry gives a good summary of what Tailwheel Meet was all about this year. Capricious weather forecasts with strong and gusty x-winds made it impossible for most of the registered pilots to come and visit us.....creating plenty of time and room for the 'The Pitts Boys' to enjoy us with breathtaking demonstrations of formation aerobatics and synchronous flying in between showers. 

We missed the good flying weather, we missed our brothers from the military camp, we missed the normal way of celebrating aviation in all its forms ......nevertheless we insisted on organizing this fly-in as an antidote to all the Covid negativity of the last 16 months. We hope you enjoyed it and we are looking forward to welcome you all at the full-fledged 2022 edition.

Picture copyright: Luc Barry

2020 - Covid edition

What should have been the 15th anniversary edition of our Tailwheel Meet was abrubtly cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. 

2019 - Aviatrix edition

This year's edition is dedicated to female pilots, the so called Aviatrixes. During this edition (and the months preciding Tailwheel Meet) we want to promote the future of women in aviation by sharing experiences and paving the way to become aviators or whatever role they want to play in aviation. Tailwheel Meet 2019 is patronized by Valérie 'Lady Bush Pilot' Dereymaeker who took off in September 2017 for an inspiring trip to South Africa in her Piper Super Cub. If everything goes according to plan she'll put her wheels back on Belgian soil somewhere in April or May.

The emphasize the importance of Aviatrix 2019 even more, we have entered into a partnership with a local secondary school to bring aviation to girls between 16 and 18 years old. Some theoretical lessons (aerodynamics) combined with a visit to our airfield and a video competition should allow us to choose 10 female candidates to whom we offer an Aviatrix 2019 VIP weekend, during Tailwheel Meet 2019, which will allow the girls to get in touch with (female) pilots and discover different aviation disciplines (e.g. Gliding, vintage aircraft, helicopter, hot air balloon etc)

2018 - The hottest edition ever!

In most cases the weather is one of the main worries when organizing a fly-in. This year there was no such thing like rain, a muddy airfield or other unforseen hurdles to take. Temperature (over 30°C) was our main concern. Staying cool and checking airplanes' hot weather performance were the most important issues of the 2018 edition. On Saturday we welcomed approx. 30 airplanes of which a few newcomers like the Staggerwing from Brasschaat and the Bückmeisters from Namur. This year we also experienced a miltary take-over of the airfield by the Airfield Liberation team with an anti-aircraft defence vehicle and a poor chap up in the air being shot at ....although without any damage...

copyright picture: Luc Barry

2017 - It's a Pitts edition


2017 was another splendid edition, although a little bit less crowdy on Sunday. The wellknown aviation writer Jean-Pierre De Cock patronized the fly-in. For the firts time we accomodated a flock of Pitts. No less than 7 Pitts aircraft were present at the same time. This is a rare sight, even for the bigger fly-ins.

2016 - Airfield nearly u/s

The 2016 edition was a memorable one!! Although the weather was very nice during the fly-in, during the days preceding our event, tons of water came down from the sky. This made our airfield virtually unusable for high weight taildraggers such as the Stinson Reliant and Boeing Stearman. On top of that, 90% of the normally available parking space was drowned and therefore unsuitable. So on Friday evening we had to take the inevitable decision to allow only a very limited number of (light) aircraft. Fortunately, the pilots (we had to refuse) were very understanding and supported us with numerous flybys on Saturday and Sunday. Together with the guys from the military camp, they made this event still worthwhile for the crowd.

2015 - A new milestone

10 years of TWM. The 2015 edition was a milestone in the history of this fly-in. Splendid weather throughout the weekend which was quite the opposite of the weather we experienced in 2014. Visitors from Germany, The Netherlands, UK, France and Luxemburg made this event a complete success. Besides the presence of numerous vintage aircraft we noticed the beautiful Stinson Reliant flown by Remko Sijben and a brand new restored Boeing Stearman with Bruno Bedert at the controls.

2014 - Worst weather ever!

Although the weather was quite good on Saturday, the airfield was completely flooded on Sunday from 10 a.m. onwards. No aircraft movements what so ever. Only some army trucks and a few couragious soldiers trying to animate the public.

2013 - An unexpected visitor...

On Sunday afternoon we welcomed Captain François 'Ralloche' Rallet, pilot at L'Ecole de Voltige Aérienne de l'Armée de l'Air (France) with his Extra EA300LT. He actually just came over to make a testflight with  the Cubcrafter Carboncub, but we managed to convince him to show his aerobatic know-how to the public. What we saw was beyond our expectations!! Spectacular aerobatics like you only get to see at the big airshows....for free at our little grass strip :-)

2012 - Military boost

Although military vehicles have always been part of our fly-in, 2012 was a real turning point. The 'army vehicle lovers' with their beautiful trucks, tanks, jeeps, tents etc have become an essential part of our event. The integration of vintage airplanes and vehicles is an intresting mix for the public. Both children and adults are swept back in time and wander how live must have been during the 2nd Woldwar. Living history!