2016 - Airfield nearly u/s

The 2016 edition was a memorable one!! Although the weather was very nice during the fly-in, during the days preceding our event, tons of water came down from the sky. This made our airfield virtually unusable for high weight taildraggers such as the Stinson Reliant and Boeing Stearman. On top of that, 90% of the normally available parking space was drowned and therefore unsuitable. So on Friday evening we had to take the inevitable decision to allow only a very limited number of (light) aircraft. Fortunately, the pilots (we had to refuse) were very understanding and supported us with numerous flybys on Saturday and Sunday. Together with the guys from the military camp, they made this event still worthwhile for the crowd.

2015 - A new milestone

10 years of TWM. The 2015 edition was a milestone in the history of this fly-in. Splendid weather throughout the weekend which was quite the opposite of the weather we experienced in 2014. Visitors from Germany, The Netherlands, UK, France and Luxemburg made this event a complete success. Besides the presence of numerous vintage aircraft we noticed the beautiful Stinson Reliant flown by Remko Sijben and a brand new restored Boeing Stearman with Bruno Bedert at the controls.

2014 - Worst weather ever!

Although the weather was quite good on Saturday, the airfield was completely flooded on Sunday from 10 a.m. onwards. No aircraft movements what so ever. Only some army trucks and a few couragious soldiers trying to animate the public.

2013 - An unexpected visitor...

On Sunday afternoon we welcomed Captain François 'Ralloche' Rallet, pilot at L'Ecole de Voltige Aérienne de l'Armée de l'Air (France) with his Extra EA300LT. He actually just came over to make a testflight with  the Cubcrafter Carboncub, but we managed to convince him to show his aerobatic know-how to the public. What we saw was beyond our expectations!! Spectacular aerobatics like you only get to see at the big airshows....for free at our little grass strip :-)

2012 - Military boost

Although military vehicles have always been part of our fly-in, 2012 was a real turning point. The 'army vehicle lovers' with their beautiful trucks, tanks, jeeps, tents etc have become an essential part of our event. The integration of vintage airplanes and vehicles is an intresting mix for the public. Both children and adults are swept back in time and wander how live must have been during the 2nd Woldwar. Living history!

2008 - Rare birds, interesting people

3 years after the start-up of the Tailwheel Meet fly-in, the event starts to attract attention from abroad. Friends from the UK paid us a visit with some very rare birds including a Chrislea Skyjeep and a Piper AE1. Both types have been used to evacuate injured soldiers from the battle fields. At the same time rare birds attract interesting people. During this edition we were honored by the presence of 2 famous aviation photographers Ben Ullings and Herbert Van Hulten (Chaseplane)  

2005 - First edition

Since we made EBGG our home airfield in 1996, we started to organize an open door weekend to promote the activities of the gliding club. To make this event more attractive to the audience we invited a few vintage (and other) aircraft to our airfield. In 2005 we decided to organize a real fly-in, exclusively reserved for vintage tailwheel aircraft: the first edition of Tailwheel Meet was born. In the early days, the number of participants was rather limited, but very soon our small fly-in became a reference in the world of aviation. The nice little grass strip, an easy going atmosphere and the restriction in number of participants (due to parking limitations)  gave this event very rapidly an exclusive character.