Guy Valvekens


It was back in 1977 that Guy first started thinking of buying a Stampe and consequently fell in love with taildraggers. Guy bought a ‘project’ which was finally finished in 1985 after hard labor and quite some sweat, blood and tears. Since then, a lot of tailwheel flying has been part of his flying career.

Besides all that, Guy is the founder and onmipresent host of the well-known Schaffen-Diest Fly-in. An event that can be considered as one of Europe’s major light aviation events. During the 1997-edition, 449 airplanes visited the event, a record that still stands today.

This year, the 26th edition of the International Oldtimer fly-in will take place from August 15th till 16th 2009. Once again hundreds of beautiful aircraft are expected to attend this event which has a very strong tradition for more than 25 years now.