Eric Vormezeele


The patronship for the 3th edition of our Tailwheel Meet was assumed by ERIC VORMEZEELE.

In his early years, Eric decided to start a military career, mainly determined by the things he whithnessed as a child during the 2nd WW. During his studies at the military school, he learned to fly at his own expenses at the airfield Grimbergen. It was only later that he became a pilot at the Army (Light aviation). Here grew his love for taildraggers due to the fact he had to fly these aircraft in very demanding circumstances. After a while he converted to helicopters and became the leader of the famous "Blue Bees" helicopter demo-team. With a well-filled career behind him, Eric retired as a Colonel from the army but could not refrain from flying.

For many years he continued to use his flying-skills to fly over the African jungle for 'Doctors without borders'. Meanwhile he developed his personal collection of (airworthy) vintage aircraft and warbirds.

Eric has been very active at the European airshow-scene and acted now and then in some flying movies.Nowadays he can be spotted with his beautifully restored FIAT.
His sons are also bitten by the same aviation bug and one of them is performing displays with a magnificent P-51 Mustang called 'old crow'.

The spirit of preservation of our aviation heritage is pretty well guaranteed!