The Pinguin Formation Team

The Pinguin Formation Team was created by a passionate group of friends, pilots and SV4B owners. Out of love for flying with their beautiful old-timer aircraft, they started to organize the famous grass-strip tours. A day trip at least every 2 months where only grass strips were visited. Sharing their passion with each other and also with other airmen, they focused more and more on formation flying. The sound of 3 to 5 Gipsy Majors in a tight formation or in a graceful passage caught everyone's attention. The Penguin Formation Team was born.


The goal of the formation team is to share  passion for flying. Through demo flights they proudly present these beautiful, manoeuvrable and graceful legacy aircraft of Belgian origin. The Pinguin Formation Team is a flying piece of Belgian aviation history.

Who and what

The aircraft are all Stampe SV4Bs equipped with a Gipsy Major engine which have been part of the Elementary Flying School of the Belgian Air Force. From 1950 to the mid 70’s, these aircraft have actively contributed to the training of Belgian Air Force pilots in Goetsenhoven. They proudly carry their original "V" numbers and squadron livery or come in one of many fine civilian finishes.

The Birds

SV4B – OO RAY – V27    1951       C/N1169

SV4B – OO WIL – V42    1952       C/N1184

SV4B – OO LUK – V41    1952       C/N1183

SV4B – OO PAX – V5      1948       C/N1148

SV4B – D-EBVV – V58    1955       C/N1200

SV4B – OO ESV – V23    1951       C/N1165

The pilots/owners

Raymond Cuypers en Inge Daems (V27-V42)

Rob Schreurs en Marc Saey (V41)

Laurens Leeman (V5)

Christian Gubel (V58)

Luc Coussement (V23).


You will again be able to admire the Pinguin Formation team at numerous aviation events this year. They welcome everyone to their aircraft to surprise them with a selection of the many anecdotes from their numerous Pinguin Formation flight trips.